Roney, Wertz win Symons Adaptationism Award

HBES gave its inaugural Don Symons Adaptationism Award at the 2023 Palm Springs conference. The award is bestowed for the best paper exemplifying the adaptationist program written or published in the last three years.

Although many excellent papers were nominated, three were so outstanding that the judges could not rank them. Two are CEP faculty—Jim Roney and Annie Wertz—and Larry Sugiyama (CEP alum ’96!), is senior author on the third.

Jim Roney

Jim Roney won the award for his lead chapter on “Hormones and Human Mating” in the 2023 Handbook of Human Mating,

Annie Wertz won for her paper in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, How Plants Shape the Mind.

Larry Sugiyama won for his paper, Lassitude: The emotion of being sick, by Schrock, Snodgrass, & Sugiyama in Evolution and Human Behavior.

Human Behavior and Evolution Society

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