U.S., EU condemn Myanmar violence (2 hours ago) '); document.write('

FBI realigns counter-terror operations (2 hours ago) '); document.write('

Bulgaria seizes heroin at Turkish border (2 hours ago) '); document.write('

Pentagon chief seeks $190B in extra funds (2 hours ago) '); document.write('

U.S. military cool on Blackwater in Iraq (2 hours ago) '); document.write('

Bush praises efforts in Afghanistan (3 hours ago) '); document.write('

Czech MP suspected of torturing prisoners (3 hours ago) '); document.write('

Israeli, Palestinian police to co-train (4 hours ago) '); document.write('

Tropical Storm Karen nearly a hurricane (4 hours ago) '); document.write('

Russia, U.S. to talk missiles next month (4 hours ago) ');