Graduate and post-doctoral study at the Center:

If you are interested in postdoctoral research at the Center, contact the Center directly:
Center for Evolutionary Psychology
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
fax: (805) 893-3885

To pursue a Ph.D. in affiliation with the Center, you must apply for regular admission either to 1) the Anthropology Department graduate program in the Integrative Anthropological Sciences (IAS) Unit, or 2) the Psychology Department graduate program in Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology (DEVO).

To be eligible for financial aid, applications for graduate admission must be received on or before December 1 (Anthropology) or December 15th (Psychology) . Applications are processed after that time, but are not eligible for UC-based financial aid.

For more information about graduate studies in anthropology and psychology, write to:

Graduate Information
Dept. of Anthropology
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
(805) 893-2516
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Graduate Information
DEVO Program
Dept. of Psychology
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 39106
(805) 893-2793

Anthropology at UCSB:

The Department of Anthropology provides strong programmatic support for evolutionary investigations of human nature.

John Tooby, Steve Gaulin, and Don Symons (emeritus) were trained in biological anthropology, and are largely focused on evolutionary psychology, supervising socio-cultural, biosocial anthropology, and psychology graduate students on evolutionary psychology-related projects. Symons pioneered the analysis of the evolutionary psychology of human sexuality. Tooby and Gaulin are working on the evolutionary psychology of reasoning specializations (including spatial cognition) and the emotions, the evolutionary psychology of coalitions, of mate choice, and various other topics.

Michael Gurven joined the biosocial anthropology faculty in Fall 2001.  An active field researcher, he applies principles of human behavioral ecology in order to understand numerous aspects of cooperation, family organization, and social interaction among hunter-gatherers and forager-horticulturalists.

The biosocial anthropology wing also includes Donald Brown and Napoleon Chagnon (both emeritus). Brown's work has increasingly focused on human universals, human nature, and evolutionary psychology, and he is presently working on ethnocentrism. Chagnon is known for his pioneering synthesis of evolutionary biology and social anthropology, and his decades of careful fieldwork among the Yanomamo of the Amazon basin.

UCSB also has a top-ranked program in hunter-gatherer archaeology, including Michael Jochim. Jochim is well-known for his research on hunting and gathering economies, settlement patterns, and cultural ecology.

Psychology at UCSB:

With the formation of the Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology (DEVO) wing of the Department of Psychology in 1994, UCSB was the first university in the nation to grant programmatic recognition to evolutionary psychology. DEVO affiliates include Daphne Bugental (social development, social cognition and affect), Leda Cosmides (the evolution of human reasoning specializations, emotional adaptations, evolutionary cognitive and social psychology), Alan Fridlund (emotions and evolutionary social psychology), Tamsin German (cognitive development; artifact concepts, theory of mind), and Jim Roney (evolutionary psychology of courtship and parenting; human behavioral endocrinology).

Evolutionary Biology at UCSB:

Evolutionary biology forms one of the theoretical cores of evolutionary psychology. UCSB currently has the nation's top-ranked program in ecology and evolution, with behavioral ecologists such as John Endler, Stephen Rothstein, and Robert Warner.

Cognitive Science at UCSB:

The University of California, Santa Barbara offers a graduate emphasis in Cognitive Science. The program includes faculty and students in nine departments in the Schools of Letters & Sciences, Education, and Engineering, and the subject matter reflects the intersecting interests of more than thirty scholars within these disciplines. The program creates an organizational structure that facilitates sharing of research interests and collaboration among faculty and translates these activities into training opportunities for graduate students.

Evolutionary psychology courses offered at UCSB

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