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Information on Romania:
Population: 21.5 million
Capital: Bucharest
Subsistence: Industrial
Government: Democracy
Religion: Roman Orthodox

Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza
Universitatea de Vest Timisora


Romanian/CEP Research Collaboration

Center for Evolutionary Psychology
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Universitatea de Vest Timisoara,
Timisoara, Romania
Department of Psychology
Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza,
Iasi, Romania

Romania has a long tradition of psychological research going back to 1922 when Florian Stefanescu Goanga, a student of Wilhelm Wundt, started the Psychology program at Cluj-Napoca.  After five decades of psychological study and research, in 1977, Nicolae Ceausescu abolished Psychology Departments across Romania and cut funding to Research Centers in response to what he and his wife perceived to be ideological threats to communism.  Practicing psychologists were instructed to adopt a Marxist view of Pavlovian psychology and dissenters were imprisoned.  In 1982 he went so far as to ban the word “psychology” from the official lexicon and forbad international professional collaborations.
    Since that time Romanian Psychology Departments have struggled to reenter the academic community (see David, Moore & Domuta, 2002; Stevens, 1998).  As part of this larger effort, Andre Krauss and Aaron Sell have coordinated a research project between the Romanian Universities of West Timisoara and Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Iasi and the Center for Evolutionary Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Ongoing projects include:
    1). A computational mapping of the basic computational elements of anger including cost-benefit transactions, intentionality and the grammar of anger-arguments.
    2). The role of physical strength and attractiveness in anger and political attitudes.
    3). Testing mechanisms for assessing physical strength from photographs and vocal samples across cultures and language groups.
    4). A cross-cultural analysis of latent and explicit meanings of insults and their relation to cultural norms and values.

Papers that have resulted from this collaboration:

Sell, A., Bryant, G., Tooby, J., Cosmides, L., Krauss, A., von Rueden, C. & M. Gurven. (2010). Adaptations in humans for assessing physical strength and fighting ability from the voice.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 277, 3509-18.

Sell, A., Cosmides, L., Tooby, J., Lim, J., Krauss. A., & L. Sugiyama.  Anger and welfare trade-off ratios: Mapping the computational architecture of a recalibrational emotion system in four countries. In prep.

Presentations that have resulted from this collaboration:

“Formidability and the logic of anger.” UQ Evolutionary Psychology Group, University of Queensland. Brisbane, Australia, May. 2012.

Anger in a cooperative context.  Human Behavior and Evolution Society, University of Oregon, June 16th to 21st, 2010.

Mapping the “grammar” of anger-based arguments.  Human Behavior and Evolution
Society, California State University at Fullerton, May 27th to 31st, 2009.

The Evolutionary Biology of Human Anger. Understanding and Reducing Aggression, Violence and Their Consequences. Organized by the Herzliya Symposium on Personality and Social Psychology, March, 2009.

Anger’s Evolutionary Origin. UCSB Affiliates: Science Lite. February 4th 2008.

The role of physical strength in anger and anger expressions.  The Evolution of Human Aggression: Lessons for Today’s Conflicts. Organized by the Barbara L. and Norman C. Tanner Center for Nonviolent Human Rights Advocacy Forum, February, 2009.

Violent Yells Dissected: Physical Strength is revealed in the voice and enhanced during anger.  Human Behavior and Evolution Society, College of William and Mary, May 30th- June 3rd, 2007.


Aaron Sell
School of Criminology
Griffith University, Mount Gravatt
176 Messines Ridge Road
Mount Gravatt, QLD, 4121
Andre Krauss, Ph.D.
DPPD, University of West Timisoara
300223 Timisoara, Romania

Primary Contact (
Universitatea de Vest Timisoara)
Primary Contact (Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza)
Poesis Petrescu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Head of Teacher Training Department
Universitatea de Vest Timisoara
Fields of interest: General Psychology, Educational Psychology, Educational Management, Community Psychology, Pedagogy
Marius Crisan, Ph.D.
Universitatea de Vest Timisoara
Fields of interest: Literary Reception, Reception of the hypertext, Imagology
Roxana Toma
Ph.D. Candidate
Universitatea de Vest Timisoara
Fields of interest: Basic Psychology, Educational Psychology, Community Psychology
  Roxana Toma
Cristina Lavinia Ceapa
Ph.D. Candidate
Universitatea de Vest Timisoara
Fields of interest: Educational Psychology, Medical Psychology
Mihaela Raducea
Ph.D. Candidate
Universitatea de Vest Timisoara
Fields of interest: Educational Psychology, Educational and Clinical therapy, Community Psychology

David, D., Moore, M. & Domuta, A (2002).  Romanian Psychology on the International Psychological Scene: A Preliminary Critical and Empirical Appraisal.  European Psychologist, 7(2), 153-160.

Stevens, M. J. (1998).  Professional psychology after communism: the case of Romania.  Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 29(3), 300-304.