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Evolution, Mind, and Behavior Conference at UCSB

Winter Quarter 2004


Joint UCLA-UCSB Conferences held quarterly by

UCSB’s Evolution, Mind, and Behavior Program (EMB)  and

UCLA’s Human Nature and Society Program (HNAS)


Saturday 7 February 2004

Location: Flying A Studio, University Center (UCEN), UCSB

(see directions below)


10:00  AM  Breakfast buffet opens

10:30  AM  First talk: Steven Gaulin, Menstrual phase and mating context affect women's preferences      for male voice pitch.  David A. Putz and Steven Gaulin

12:00  PM  Lunch (UCEN, no host)

  1:30  PM  Second talk:  Catherine Salmon, Parental investment, sex, and birth order: What's all the fuss? 

  3:00  PM  Coffee break

  3:30  PM  Third talk:  Michael Gurven, Childhood and second childhood: Some thoughts on the evolution of the human life course. 

  5:30  PM Adjourn for no-host dinner, Ming Dynasty (see below)




Steven Gaulin    UCSB Anthropology   mailto:gaulin@anth.ucsb.edu

Menstrual phase and mating context affect women's preferences for male voice pitch.  (David A. Putz and Steven Gaulin) 


Abstract. TBA


Lunch, UCEN



Catherine Salmon   Department of Psychology, University of Redlands  mailto:catherine_salmon@redlands.edu

Parental investment effects on birth order: What's all the fuss?


Abstract. TBA



Blood sugar break




Michael Gurven    UCSB Anthropology  mailto:gurven@anth.ucsb.edu

Childhood and second childhood: Some thoughts on the evolution of the human life course.  


Abstract. . 



Self-funded dinner at Ming Dynasty

(Ming Dynasty 805-968-1308, 290 Storke Road, at the intersection of Storke and Hollister in Goleta. In the unlikely event you are coming from 101, take Storke exit North of UCSB).


Cosponsored by the UCSB Center for Evolutionary Psychology and the UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution and Culture. This event is organized as a working seminar for faculty and graduate students. For more information, please contact Leda Cosmides or John Tooby or call 805-893-8720.


UCLA and UCSB will hold a  conference once a quarter, alternating between the two campuses. This one will be in the UCSB University Center, Flying A Studio. 


Map of the UCSB campus (University Center is at coordinate F3)

There may be car pools coming from UCLA; ask Alan Fiske and Clark Barrett.



Take 101 North toward Santa Barbara. There is a double exit (Patterson; then 217 UCSB / Airport). Take the 217 UCSB exit. Follow the signs to campus (when road forks, take the left fork)

When you come into UCSB from 217, there is a UCSB gate & kiosk. Stop there to get a campus map. Turn left onto Lagoon Road (ocean on your left), then RIGHT onto Ucen road, and park in one of the lots.



Parking has changed at UCSB.  Some places are free on Saturdays (not those marked "Enforced 24 hours").  Other spaces are numbered and you need to get a ticket, which can be bought from a machine in the parking lot. The closest lot is #3 (but this has a number of illegal spaces, so be careful). Other close lots are #7, 9, and 4.  See map for lot location.