CEP RA Applications
For UCSB undergraduates interested in receiving course credit as a CEP Research Assistant

In the CEP, most RAs work directly with one of the current graduate student or postdoctoral students advised by Leda Cosmides and John Tooby. Follow the instructions below to submit an application. Once submited, your application will be made available to our researchers, and you will be contacted if there is a space for you. You can also send your application directly to any of the graduate students or postdoctoral students with whom you are particularly interested in working.

Instructions: Download the appropriate file (Anth or Psych, depending on your preference) to your computer. Type answers for each of the blanks. Use as much space as you think you need. Save again and rename the file to include your name. Email the completed form to CEPlabmanager@gmail.com (and to anyone in the lab with whom you may be specifically interested in working, if applicable).  In your email, please use the subject “CEP RA App”.

Please read all instructions & requirements carefully.

If you have difficulty working with these files, please email labmanager@thecep.org for help.


• Anth application
• Psych application